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           Olive Leaf Extract

          Latin name:Canarium album Raeusch.
          Specification : Oleuropein5%~20%
          Test Method: HPLC
          Molecular Formula: C25H32O13

          It has the ability of powerful antibacterial, antiviral property and anti-oxidation. Preventing the growth of cells and virus, stimulating important cells activity to resist infection in immunity system.

          It has the ability of anti-oxidation; Lightening low density lipoproteins degree of oxidation, preventing the happen of coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis. Easing vascular smooth muscle and reducing blood pressure; Protecting skin cells from ultraviolet radiation, preventing ultraviolet radiation to decompound skin lipid; Promoting fibrocyte to form collagen; Reducing the secretion of fibrocyte collagenasePreventing cell membrane to resist glycan reaction; So as to highly protect fibrocyte, skin and make the skin tender.

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